Soft Rainbow Dog Bed Colorful For Small Medium and Large Dog

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Introducing the original Anti-Anxiety Sleeping Bed - one of the finest quality pet beds ever crafted. From Absolut Pet Shop’s designers, we’ve fashioned this bed with a first-class nylon material and finished with luxurious faux-fur exterior. The soothing bed is intended to mimic the coziness of a mother's fur while attempting to provide your pet with the finest sleeping experience possible.

Did you know that 1 in 3 dogs suffer from anxiety on a daily basis? When ignored or left untreated, accrued stress can result in a major loss of appetite, damaging behavioral issues, and may even lead to a shorter life span.

 So, here’s the solution! More often than not, anxiety in pets could just be solved with some more consistent sleep and a simple change in routine. That's where the Anti-Anxiety Sleeping Bed enters the picture. The Anti-Anxiety Sleeping Bed combines the coziness and luxury all into one gratifying sleeping experience for your fur-babies!



Delivers the Very Best Sleep - Thanks to its rounded form, our first-class super comfy & plush bed is perfect for pets who prefer to curl up. Sensation of security and warmth is promised to EVERY pet while also supplying neck/head and joint-support for muscle pain relief, which will result in much better sleep!

Soothes Anxiety - The Elevated Rim of the bed creates a sense of security & coziness that triggers the central nervous system in a positive way. This allows your pet to get to sleep faster, and stay asleep!

Added Cheerfulness For Your Pet - blissful comfort doesn’t only offer your pet with better & deeper sleep, but it also releases stress while cultivating health and cheerfulness overall!

Pet-Friendly Materials - Crafted from non-toxic & durable. Our bed is safe for all pets, while also being environmentally friendly!

First Class Design - The entire bed is easily machine washable (gentle, cold/cold cycle) and tumble dried (low to medium heat). The casing has a water and dirt-resistant bottom, that helps avoid accidents from getting to your floors! 



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