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Face wash to another level

On the face of it, washing face is a piece of cake. During our daily lives, it is easy and common for everyone to clean face, whilst it is less common to the extent of scarcity for everyone to appreciate that cleaning face does count. As regards washing face, there are a considerable variety of methods, with a small number of people using a creamy facial cleanser together with a sponge, a slightly larger group washing face solely with water, a huge percentage cleansing face with a bar of soap or other types of facial cleansers.

In addition to those given above, we will recommend a facial care product, called ultrasonic ion skin scrubber. Seize a chance to take one home, and it will pay off. It can cleanse skin effectively, keep skin out of grievous condition such as acne, and help toner and moisturizer come into effect. 


✔Wash face
With the help of this product, it is easy to remove dirt and oil from your skin.
✔Cleanse pores deeply
It can unclog facial pores without stretching them by the means of high-frequency vibration.
✔Promote absorption
If you use toner and moisturizer with gentle massage, that can help your skin absorb nutrients.
✔Rectify skin condition
Your poor skin condition such as acne, blackhead, and an allergic rash can be modified in the wake of long-term usage.
✔Portable device
It takes up small space so that you can carry it wherever you go.
✔Smart and safe
It will turn off automatically after 10-minute usage.

How to use
 ✔Before using : Wash your face/neck with warm water and keep your skin wet.
 ✔Long touch ON/Off button for power on/ off.
 ✔Shortly press for mode switch.
✔Clean your skin with mildly wash or water (keep skin wet) before using.
✔Keep the device clean and disinfect.
✔Do not use the device around the eyes or on the ground.

Material: ABS
Power: 2W
Charging time: About 2.5 hours
Using time: 80 minutes
Charging mode: Rechargeable lithium battery
Weight: 115g

Package content:
(Pack in bubble bag, without box)
1 x Ultrasonic Facial Scrubber
1 x USB cable
1 x Protective cap
1 x User manual

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