Bicycle Handlebar Front Lamp MTB Rode Cycling USB Rechargeable Flashlight


Product Features

1. Not only a bicycle light, it's also a flashlight

2. Aluminum alloy , good heat dissipation

3. IPX4-IPX6 waterproof. Do not soak the bike light into water.

4. Durable/Anti-Fall, Long Range

5. Built-in battery, USB Charging, Large capacity battery

6. Automatic power off after charging finish

7. High Brightness, Low energy consumption Easy to install, Non-slip


1. If you do not use it for a long time, please charge it every three months.

2. Do not shine into the eyes. Keep away from flammable and explosive materials.

3. Waterproof grade is IPX3-IPX6. Do not immerse the bicycle light in water.

4. Place the bicycle lights correctly. Keep out of reach of children to avoid accidents.

Aluminum Shell


Long Range

200LumenRangeisabout 150 Meters 400 Lumen Rangeisabout 200 Meters

USB Charging

Fast charging,long time to use

Large capacity battery

1800 mAh / 2000 mAh Automatic power off after charging finish

High quality wick

High Brightness, Low energy consumption

Large Angle

Wide range of lighting

Snap Bracket

Easy to install,Non-slip

IPX4 Rainproof

Riding on rainy days is not afraid Tips:Avoid long time use in rainy day

Two Installation Methods

Double bracket design Saddle mount installation + Seatpost mount installation

Aluminum Alloy

Drop resistant and durable

5 Flash Modes

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