5 Things NOT To Do When You Have Acne

So, here, my fellow-acne pals, is a list of things to NOT do when you have acne on your face.

This list is not about avoiding acne altogether. This list will more likely help you with reducing the risk of severing the acne issue.

1. Touching Your Face:

Picking at the acne, touching, squeezing those zits and more is all a gateway to worsen your acne. Remember that acne is your skin’s natural defense mechanism.  If touching your skin too often is irritating your skin or making your acne itch, your acne will worsen. Let’s also not forget that our hands hold all the bacteria needed to worsen the acne (no matter how well you wash your hands). So, keep the mitts away from the zits!

2. Humid Places:

Speaking of bacteria- Humid weather is the ultimate pulse-point for the bacteria on your skin to multiply. The temperature, along with the humidity, is optimal for the bacteria to breed. This causes your skin to feel itchy, irritated and inflamed. Results? More acne. To avoid this, avoid humid places. Humid places include steam rooms, crowded rooms, rooms with little-to-no ventilation, etc.

3. Makeup:

Makeup in itself is not why acne worsens. It is just that makeup has mineral oil in it and mineral oil is bad for your skin. When you apply makeup and go out in the sun, the mineral oil reacts with the UV rays from the sun. This complex can cause your skin to break out even more. So, keep your makeup minimal or try avoiding makeup until your acne sims down. If you do apply makeup, do not forget to take it off before you go to bed.

4. Dirty Pillowcases:

Sometimes we sleep on things instead of dealing with them. Literally. I’m talking about nasty pillowcases, phone screens, towels, face napkins, and more that have microscopic-bacteria on them. You don’t have to see the bacteria for it to start affecting your skin. It can be a contributing factor (more than you can imagine) to your acne. The best way to avoid this is to wash and change your pillow-cases regularly and let them dry out in the sun, thoroughly. Clean your phone screen with a skin-friendly alcohol base.

5. Washing Your Face Too Often:


Oh boy! I did this for so long until I realized that I was making my acne worse by washing my face 5 times a day. 5 times! You know what that does for your skin? Washing your face a number of times a day might keep your skin squeaky clean (but the aftermath is not that squeaky good), but it actually damages your skin’s natural barrier layer, pH balance AND produces excess oils to makeup for the lost moisture. The more you wash, the more oils your skin will produce and that’s not a good thing for your acne.

So, there you have it! Things to not do when you have acne